Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Texas Trip: AT&T Stadium Tour

See recaps of our day in Houston here, San Antonio here and the Magnolia Market in Waco here!

After a short drive over from Waco, we arrived in Arlington at the AT&T stadium!  Jared had been to a game here before but hadn't taken the tour and I had never been so we were super excited!

Excited to check out the stadium!

It was rally day so there were cheerleaders & former players signing autographs, lots of photo ops, games and more!

Starting our tour!

View from Jerry Jones business office during the games.

Ford plaza.

A glimpse of where we would be waiting in line to get in the next day!

This place was overwhelmingly huge!!

Retractable roof the same size as the cutout in the roof at the old stadium.  Love that they kept this tradition!

View from one of the suites!

Feeling like we could be suite people :)

I was so excited to see the DCC locker room!! Who doesn't love their show?!

They were closing the players locker room early this day because of the noon game and we were told we wouldn't get to see it which we were really bummed about.  At the last second before our tour ended we found out that not only would we be able to see it but that all the gear was in place.  Apparently it's extremely rare to get to go in there with the equipment so we really enjoyed that!

Press room!

Feet on the star!  We were able to take a professional photo on the star as well which is now proudly displayed in our gallery wall ;)

The screen is so huge!

If you are in Dallas, I would highly recommend checking out this tour.  We did the VIP tour and it was worth it!  We learned so much behind the scenes info and really enjoyed getting to go down on the field and check out the facilities.  They are supposed to be opening up their practice facilities to tours too in the near future so on our next trip we'll be checking that out!  To book a tour visit this page!

After our tour, we headed to Dallas to check in to our hotel!

We visited the Dallas Galleria which was as gorgeous as I expected! 

We had walked SO much between Houston and this point and were aching like old people lol.  I booked a last minute appointment for us at Vis a Vis spa in Dallas and it was exactly what we needed and the perfect way to finish our day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Texas Trip: Magnolia Market in Waco

Today I'm sharing the first part of day 3 of our Texas trip!  If you missed my previous recaps, see day 1 in Houston here and day 2 in San Antonio here!

When we left San Antonio, we were Arlington bound!  Looking at the map before we left on our trip, I noticed that Waco was right off the interstate we'd be traveling on.  I wasn't a big show follower of Chip and Joanna but I knew of them, appreciated their style and wanted to check out Magnolia.  (Since the trip, I read their book and have officially drank the kool-aid ;) )

If there is one thing I noticed about Texas just like my other trips there, it was state pride.  I've never been in a state where more people flew their state flag than Texas.  

We've arrived!

So excited to check it out!

Even Jared had to admit this place was pretty cool!

We were there on a Saturday so there was a pretty good crowd of people hanging out on the lawn and eating off the food trucks.  We only had a very small amount of time to stop before we had to be in Arlington so I just tried to take it in as much as I could at a fast pace!

Loved this little display outside of the market!

I was impressed with the things they had for sale but this place was PACKED.   I had my eye on a few things (this bracelet, this tee and this sign) but decided to skip the forever long checkout line and will just order them online when I decide I'm ready!

They have to make a killing off this shop because everybody passing me on their way out were carrying large bags full of stuff!

We really enjoyed our visit!

After reading the book, I appreciate this Magnolia sign!

I loved the food truck & picnic atmosphere!

We may not have been able to stay long but we were able to check out the whole grounds and really enjoy the feel of Magnolia.  If you're in the area, I would highly recommend a visit to check it out!  We were told the crowds during the week were so much lighter so if you can visit on a weekday I would probably do that so the market itself wouldn't be so crowded.

Arlington bound!!

Tomorrow I'll be back to share our AT&T Stadium Tour of the Dallas Cowboys!

Monday, December 5, 2016

2016 Texas Trip: San Antonio

After a late night in Houston (see our day 1 recap here), we got an early start to San Antonio!  I have wanted to go there since I was little so I was so excited!

The roads in Texas are very layered and intricate like this which we found really cool!

So excited!

The view from our room at the Hilton Palacio del Rio!  We splurged this night and stayed on the River Walk and it was totally worth it.  We had a great view!

As soon as we checked in we headed out to check out the river walk!

Like a kid in a candy store!!

We decided to start our day with one of the river cruises to see the whole river and learn about the history!

I was impressed by how much we learned on this cruise and we were able to see the whole layout and get an idea of what we wanted to do!

We decided on Rita's on the River for lunch and it was delicious!

So much fun walking the whole thing with this guy!

We decided to head over and check out The Alamo!  We only had one day & night in San Antonio so we didn't take the official tour.  We just wandered the grounds and read some of the information but it was so cool to see a part of history we learned about in school!

I loved these big, beautiful trees on the property!

We spent most of the afternoon walking along the river.  We ended up walking more than 10 miles (I think 13 or 14 to be exact) but we saw the whole thing and really enjoyed our beautiful day! 

We ate at Paesanos for dinner & it was amazing!!  It was the perfect romantic dinner on the river that we were looking to have.

Such a pretty night!

The next morning we woke up to a really chilly day!! They had also turned on the Christmas lights over the river for the Christmas season too.  They have an annual Christmas parade of floats the weekend after Thanksgiving which I think would be so cool to see.  We were so glad we had gotten there the day before when it was warm so we could really enjoy being outside.

San Antonio was amazing but it was time to head to Waco & on to Arlington!